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  • Loading and discharge inspection – quantity and quality
  • Stock management – monitoring, audit and control
  • Supervision of terminal-to-terminal transfers
  • Crude oil or product production monitoring and stock audit
  • Bunker supply supervision and bunker stock survey
  • Off- and on-hire bunker surveys. 
  • Hazardous cargo handling.
  • Marine oil pollution monitoring and control
  • On-shore oil pollution monitoring and control
  • Effluent waste analysis
  • Oil and Gas quality analysis and certification
  • General chemicals analysis and certification
  • Quality contamination investigation
  • Product grade identification
  • Quality consultancy
  • Non-destructive testing of pipelines, tanks and vessels  (NDT)
  • Weld inspection and plate thickness testing
  • Hydrostatic testing and leak detection of storage tanks and pipelines
  • Pressure testing of flow lines, pressure relief valves and pressure vessels
  • Calibration of flow meters, pressure gauges and other instruments
  • Calibration of land tanks, road trucks, barges and marine vessels
  • Dry cargo inspection – loading and discharge
  • Container stuffing and unstuffing survey – tallying
  • Cargo damage assessment survey and loss adjustment
  • Marine cargo damage and condition survey
  • Draft survey and volume calculation

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